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Welcome to S.O.U.L. Society

Mission: The mission is to motivate people to work together and provide resources for people to prosper living a positive life, while contributing to the community in a productive way. We are implementing a village mentality, bringing the people together to share positive and productive energy. We plan to help people tap into the gifts of their soul and locking in on their personal life purpose by providing platforms for experience and exposure; while also bringing in talent and expertise to inspire, motivate, and mentor.

Philosophy: A major problem in the community is the lack of opportunities for middle and lower class communities. Young people growing up in poverty can only be as good as the education they get and the things they see people invest their hope into. People become criminals by seeing other people they look up to or just seeing other people provide for their family by committing crimes. At the end of the day everybody in trying to secure comfort and stability, so we want to expose the people to different things and open up doors of opportunity, that will allow them to create positive means of providing for themselves and their family.


NO ONE is successful on their own. Anything you want to be successful at requires us to have support and/or a support system and this foundation will make a huge impact on someone’s life. It does not matter how intelligent or talented we have been blessed to be, our success will partly depend on the supporting cast we are surrounded with. Our support system is all about motivating, educating, and investing in our youth and providing the resources needed to reach their full potential. The mission of the S.O.U.L Society is to take groups of kids from all backgrounds and find out what it is they are interested in. As well as helping the youth establish what they may think they want to do with their life. From that point the S.O.U.L Society's staff will help each individual youth with his/her long and short term goals by helping them create different plans for themselves to commit too.


 Following the process of defining the goals of our youth, one of the first steps is to find resources and people with experience in the fields of interest to allow the kids to get hands on experience. The gifts and talents within our youth can only be discovered and enhanced through experience and opportunity. For example, if Michael Jordan was never introduced to a basketball or a goal he would of never had the opportunity to enhance his talents. Imagine what our world would be if Bill Gates was never around technology, or able to enhance his knowledge with computers. What if Picasso didn't have the resources to create his artwork; his gifts would have never manifest. There are dreams in our youth we as a community are allowing to die. We as a community have to help the youth form strong foundations to allow these dreams to come true. Many times people believe they want to have a career or job in a certain field without realizing the requirements or what success looks like behind the scenes. The S.O.U.L Society's purpose is to give our youth the opportunity to experience projects related to the specific career they are interested in. Also, finding out what the requirements of the career they desire to be a part of will be, to help put a plan in motion and take the steps needed towards their future. This is simply to keep our kids out of jobs or doing things they have no interest in, or even worst obtaining a college degree that will not be put to use. "You cannot get time back!"


"United we stand, divided we fall" The Community must come together and realize we are here on earth to help each other. We are not here to help ourselves be better than one another. It takes a village to raise a child, protect, and guide them. Every person has different unique qualities that can impact the life of a child positively. S.O.U.L Society will bring people from all different walks of life, professions, and careers to share their knowledge and life experiences with our youth. In this day in time we have too many young children and teenagers sitting at home with their peers being partially raised by the television, music, internet and video games. The community has to come together and teach the youth the reality of life while kids are still in the early stages of life. We need to remind them that they can be scientist, doctors, pilots, governors, mayors and a host of other things outside of the characters they may see in magazines and on television. Redirecting how our children are feeding their brains with is vital. Giving the youth productive avenues to put their energy into is a main key to helping our youth with productively managing their time. We have to influence our kids and set our foundation with understanding, love and respect but most importantly we must be consistent.


S.O.U.L Society will be nothing without the impact of the leaders in the community and surrounding areas. The future of the youth cannot be left in the hands of entertainers and athletes. The images a lot of our African American and minority children see of our televised black and minority community is not necessarily always a realistic or positive future for our children. The youth of our communities must be exposed to the entrepreneurs, doctors, lawyers, educators, architects, construction workers, entertainers and athletes from similar backgrounds. Our youth needs to know and understand the struggles and obstacles these individuals have gone through during their journeys. One of S.O.U.L Society's many goals for our children is to know what it is to become successful and what it takes to make it. Also understanding that true success is not defined by how much money you make or have, or being a rapper, singer or reality star. We must reestablish the face of our community and the role models of our youth

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